Our Mission

The focus of MBSL is to not simply serve clients but to build an exceptional relationship by working in partnership with them. We empower business owners to accomplish their goals, both business and personal. We encourage our client to express their aspirations by providing a friendly, innovative environment. Together with the client we develop a set of mutually agreed objectives. These objectives form the basis of a contract with our client. Our contracts are negotiated on a fixed fee basis with the emphasis on providing value to our clients. This process allows us to individually tailor our services to meet their outcomes.

At regular review meetings, we ensure that our client’s expectations are being met and that our services to them are meaningful and achievable. Should a client not be 100% satisfied, we offer a guarantee where they are provided with the opportunity to renegotiate the value and/or services. Visits are regularly scheduled to our clients’ premises so that we get a first hand view of what their business entails. This gives us a more informed understanding of the actual processes involved in the production of our client’s products and/or services

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